Thank goodness for Jenny and Steve!

“Oh, thank goodness….here they are!!,”Jester said to Indi as he pressed his nose up against the glass of the dog’s room.

It was approaching 1:30pm and the dogs of course were ready and waiting for their daily walk.  As I opened the door to their room Jester was more than ready to be released out into the open air, looking up at me and waiting for my next instructions. Indi began dancing around in excitement as per usual (if only my husband was this excited when I came into a room!! I thought to myself…how nice would my life be!)

“Gee, you both are excited and waiting eagerly today,” I said.  “Oh Jenny, can we skip the chat today, I’m dying to pee,” Jester burst out.  Before I could say wait! to make him sit and wait until I was out the door first, Jester the beautiful Labrador bounded out the door like he was escaping a house on fire!

“Well, that lesson to wait at the door worked well today!” I said to Indi with exasperation.  “Jenny, he’s a monkey of a dog and in my opinion will continue to be so for quite some time…..lets get a move on now shall we….so unnecessary to waste our walking time with discussions about that unruly animal that disrespects me.” he concluded

Poor Indi has to put up with so much with Jester……but he takes it all in his grand old stride and I know Indi loves Jester very much.  Since he arrived on the scene, Indi has gained a new lease of life and become more playful for such an older dog.

So, another wonderful walk today through the woods and fields for the dogs.  Jester found part of a dead animal again and crunched up the bones before we had a chance to examine what he was getting into.  He did manage to tease Indi with his find before he demolished every ounce saying, “Na, nah nah nah nah, found a dead bird again…’s all mine and you’re not getting any of it!”   Indi took one look at his beaming face and thought what an insolent rude boy he chance in hell of him trying to confiscate that dead matter from his mouth!

But Indi was very well behaved today and didn’t run off, although oblivious at times to his name.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you call him as often there is zero response and as I tucked them back into their beds and topped up their water bowls, I could feel their gratitude in the way they looked at me….”Thank goodness for Jenny and Steve!”

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