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Sunshine at last!!

Set off this morning at 7:30am after a quick breakfast and cup of tea for another long walk.  I made us sandwiches, thermos of coffee and we were off to Kingsclere.  A pretty good start to the New Year ahead, that’s for sure.

BBC weather website is wrong again! and instead of expecting thick fog, we were greeted with a lovely morning…..broken cloud with the sun trying hard to peek through in places.  Walking conditions were pretty good temperature wise with little wind….but quite soft underfoot.  Mud that cakes hiking boots like you weigh an extra tonne isn’t the best but being out in the fresh air was wonderful.

So, from Kingsclere we walked to the outskirts of Hannington towards Malshanger Park.  It was beautiful…..Steve added a detour on another trail we had not yet walked and it was worth the extra distance.  We then made our way towards Kingsclere but this time through some lovely countryside we hadn’t walked for a while.  It seemed we were constantly climbing slopes and not many down hill sections.  No complaints really just pleased to achieved such a great distance for our fitness…. not to mention the enjoyment and health benefits of breathing in all that clean, country air.  In all, we walked about 25kms (that’s about 15.5miles I think)  A little further today but we pulled up very well with no injuries to speak of.  Of course we finished the walk with our traditional pint in “The George and Dragon” pub and after a lovely hot bath to soak our tired muscles we were feeling pretty good.

Having an Italian Beef Casserole this evening with some lovely savoy cabbage.  Think a serve of this in front of the fire will do us the world of good after our efforts today…..and along with a glass of red or two, I think we will sleep very well tonight!

“I found my own treat in the snow!”

We are walking two dogs today and Indi is beside himself with excitement as he comes out of the dogs room and Jester the monkey is as happy as Larry.  Steve has some “training treats!” for Jester in his pocket and the smart dog already senses this and starts behaving orderly, but only after a manic run around first.

So we start out through the orchard today and Indi is looking for the tennis ball he thinks I have for him in my pocket! while Jester is just pleased to be out and responding to Steve like he is his schoolmaster!

We reach the small wood and off the leads they go….Indi, on a mission to pick the perfect spot to do his business and this sometimes takes a while….to find the discreet, right spot.  Today he didn’t seem too particular and just “did the business” only slightly off the path.

Jester was running with the wind again….so free spirited.  We found him digging a hole in the snow and think he found the head of a fish!  Can’t believe this…. but a fish head is what it looked like.  Would a bird of prey have left this?  Not sure but whatever this was he was on cloud nine and running around defrosting it in his mouth and teasing Indi at the same time!  “look at me Indi,” he said  “You’re too old and slow to have found this.  Wehhaaaay!”

We let Jester have his find which gave me time to chase Indi as he decided to run off.  Not for long.  After blowing my whistle for ages, he finally decided to turn around and join us.  “Indi…come on, behave now!”  His look at me was like he was ten times smarter than me….giving me any easy time today!

Walking back to the cottage was very rewarding.  I love the snow, although the lane was very slippery in places.  It was funny watching the dogs slip a little as they walked…not like us heavy adults!

Back home and I tucked the dogs up in their beds with plenty of water and a smile.

Treats are working a real treat for Jester!

Walking just Jester again today as Indi boy is still in the West Country shooting with his master.

Still a great deal of snow covers the landscape and once Jester the young Labrador touches the ground, he’s off……….. Something about the snow makes him seem wild, running through the large garden with all the free spirit he can muster.

When he realises Steve has some treats with him, he then starts to behave, sitting to command and walking at heal beautifully.  What a smart dog….misbehaves so much but when he knows treats are involved, he is the perfect student.

We take him down the lane and into the snowy woods out into the big open field that he loves.  He usually likes chasing pheasants here but we have tried to stop him doing this favourite past time of his, as gun dogs in training aren’t supposed to chase! pheasants…or tennis balls!  So a keen eye is kept on him here.

The walk, although very cold, icy and damp was quite reviving and all three of us arrived home very satisfied.  I put Jester back in his bed, topped his water bowl up and patted him goodbye.  “Goodbye little monkey, you be good…see you tomorrow.” I said.   Jester looked at me kindly and said, “Don’t go Jenny, can’t you stay and play for a while?”  ” No little boy,” I said.”See you tomorrow, I have to go now.”

So, I left him and went back into our cottage and put another lovely log on our woodburner and began the task or removing my boots and gaiters………