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Jester’s Thelwell Pony Friend

We passed Ronnie the pony today on our walk.  Jester the Labrador loves this pony friend of his.  He looks a little like a Thelwell pony.  They’ve only recently become good friends.  Jester used to chase Ronnie and his mates around in their field thinking they were there only so he could play with them.  Pulling on their tails and herding them up like sheep was his usual game.  Jester finally stopped this behavior as Ronnie’s owner scared Jester off one day with a pretty severe telling off!  Since then, he politely chats to Ronnie and his mates at the fence line.  What a good boy!!  We love these Thelwell Ponies too!!  

Ronnie the Thelwell Pony
Ronnie the Thelwell Pony

Jester chasing a pheasant!

Took the dogs out for a walk again after lunch and I had a feeling in my chilly bones that Jester was in a very unruly mood, so I had my “strict teacher” hat on to be ready……….

It all started out okay, with both dogs walking well at heal down the lane (on leads though as there are the odd speeding nutter motorist that could easily finish a dog’s life in seconds!)  So we enter the woods and off the lead and off they go……….having a wonderful time in the cold icy conditions!!

Jester runs at full speed like a little pony (as usual) and Indi pleases himself and ignores any call or whistle.  Nice to see he is maintaining his usual behavior!   Jester disappears for what seems like ages and all my whistling, calling does zero to locate the naughty monkey.  Just when we thought he had disappeared forever, he darts out of the wood into the open field like a starving greyhound chasing a rabbit.  In this case, Jester was hot on the foot of a pheasant and not a rabbit…(but would have loved that too!)  May as well throw my whistle away as there was no stopping him.  There is a horse racing track close by and he jumped across the beautifully manicured track in two leggy bounds….very impressive.  It wasn’t until my husband gave a piercing whistle with two fingers to his mouth, that he stopped in his tracks and came running back.  Thank goodness there were no horses out training on the track as there could have been an incident!

Back on track and we were walking towards home again, Jester thinking nothing of his earlier antics.  Both were back into their warm beds and pleased with the exercise.