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‘Surf boards at Burleigh’……..glass art by Jenny Kirwan

lamb and beach glass art 006 - Copy

This is the finished piece of art glass taken out of the kiln this morning, ‘Surf boards at Burleigh’……I fused it on a medium tac-fuse and the result was just what I was hoping for.  I also fused another piece that came out of the kiln at the same time………

lamb and beach glass art 011 - Copy

“Still Water” fused glass art by Jenny Kirwan

still water glass 031 - Copy
“Still Water”

This morning I began a new piece of glass artwork ready to be fired in the kiln this afternoon.  Sea and beach themes I adore, so here is the artwork before it has been put into the kiln.  It depicts a yacht on calm waters with surf boards in the sand, ready for conditions to rough up a little!  I will post the finished artwork when it comes out of the kiln tomorrow…….I would love to be lying on that beach!

still water glass 034 - Copy
placed in the rather lonely kiln, ready to be fired…….