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Congratulations to my brother Gary Kirwan who is getting married on saturday in Melbourne, Australia!

Congrats to my older brother, Gary Kirwan and the gorgeous Mel who are tieing the knot (at long last!) in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday.  Well done you two….it’s been a long time since you have been hoping for this day to happen……I know you will both be blissfully happy….Have a brilliant day and we’ll see you in the new year x

Happy Birthday Gary Kirwan!

scan111111 - Copy

Well, my big brother Gary is 56 today and looking pretty good for his age I must say! (Gary is pictured far left with my other brother Peter far right) and my two sisters Jane (first left) and Fiona (at back)  Hope you had a great day Gary…..when I spoke to you this afternoon, your time in Oz you sounded great……..on your way to a golf weekend with my mate Walshy!  Unreal.  Gary a very happy special birthday to you….I hope the weekend is a blast, you deserve every bit of it. XXX  P.S.  I see I posted this post just after midnight! so Gary’s Birthday is really the 19th July, not the 20th!

Happy Birthday Maurice Joseph Kirwan…..My Dear Dad

Well it’s my dad’s Birthday today and he is still in Hospital in Bendigo, Australia.  What a way to spend your Birthday! but dad was in good spirits when I spoke to him and has had a wonderful lot of visitors in to see him.

Daisy 216 - Copy
My dear dad with my bother Gary Kirwan at Daisy’s Christening party, Williamstown, Australia

Hopefully dad will be out of hospital by the end of the week, so my prayers will be answered.

Maurice Joseph Kirwan (Mike)

I was sorting out some paperwork today and came across the poem I wrote for my dear dad’s 80th Birthday.  I had a lump in my throat when I read it again and thought what a dear father he has been to us all…….

My dear dad, Mike Kirwan, pictured here with my younger sister Fiona Kirwan on dad's 80th Birthday!
My dear dad, Mike Kirwan, pictured here with my younger sister Fiona Kirwan on dad’s 80th Birthday!

The party was at The Lake House in Daylesford.  It was a a huge family event with aunties and uncles, my husband Steve, Peter’s gorgeous wife Rosie, Gary’s lovely partner Mel, Jane’s husband Ian, Fiona’s partner Rob and of course the five of us children!  We all stayed the night and met up again for breakfast!

here’s the poem………

THIS MAN THEY CALL MIKE  by Jenny Kirwan, 2009.

I know a great man
who’s as gentle as a lamb
so tall and so lean
and also very keen
of a kelpie called Milly
a red dog he loves dearly

This man they call Mike
is my dad who’s well liked
he’s a fine Aussie bloke
loves the land and its folk
worked hard all his life
for the kids and his wife

Found a job for me down
at the bakers in town
when he’d wake me so early
as I became very surly
‘Goodmorning, happy days!’
was his usual phrase
but it never sat well
with my hangover from hell!

But my dad’s a dear soul
now an 80 year old
and tho’ we live far apart
he’s still close to my heart
this man they call Mike
he’s a legend alright!

The tree sisters at Dad's 80th Birthday...from left Fiona Kirwan, Jenny Kirwan and Jane Knuckey.
The three sisters at Dad’s 80th Birthday…from left Fiona Kirwan, Jenny Kirwan and Jane Knuckey.

Dad was spoit with all the attention and he loved it all…..that’s what birthdays are all about!

All My family...from left Gary Kirwan, Joan Kirwan (mum), Jane Knuckey, Fiona Kirwan, Jenny Kirwan (me!), Peter Kirwan and Mike Kirwan (dad)
All My family…from left Gary Kirwan, Joan Kirwan (mum), Jane Knuckey, Jenny Kirwan (me), Fiona Kirwan, Peter Kirwan and Mike Kirwan (dad)

Sisters Forever!

I checked email messages on my old email address today and I was very excited and delighted to receive a message from my younger sister, Fiona.  She lives in Melbourne,  Australia and we haven’t spoken since her Birthday last May, 2010.

Fiona and Jenny Kirwan at their brother Gary Kirwan's Pub, The sherlock Holmes Inn, Melbourne, Australia.
Fiona and Jenny Kirwan at their brother Gary Kirwan's Pub, The sherlock Holmes Inn, Melbourne, Australia.

 I still miss her dearly, even though we haven’t been part of each other’s lives for some time now.  We are only 18 months apart and we were very close to each other growing up.  She was (and still is) a great animal lover.  Growing up she had pet guinea pigs and rabbits and would you believe a pet rooster called “Gertie.”  This rooster was a horrible creature and would chase everyone around the back yard and out into the paddock, trying to attack anyone with its ever-growing spurs!  Fiona was the only one who Gertie didn’t attack.  She seemed to have power over this animal and would eventually pick him up easily and put him back in his large cage.  I was terrified of this bird!

So, I hope this is the start of Fiona keeping in touch again.  She has my new email address and hopefully she will read this post.  If you do Fiona, I always have and will continue to love my little sister dearly.