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Fused glass art….these are the latest pieces of glass art that are ready to be fired in our kiln………….

latest glass and bbq 010
This will eventually be a soap dish after fusing then slumping in the kiln…..a new technique Steve is trying out….I think it will look brilliant…..
latest glass and bbq 015
Me! working on my glass art while Ruffles the Keeshond puppy is close by….out of harms way!!!!!
latest glass and bbq 018
‘Waiting for a wave at Burleigh Beach’……..my latest piece before firing in the kiln
latest glass and bbq 021
Steve’s glass soap dish, waiting to be fired in the kiln…….
latest glass and bbq 030
this glass soap dish will be beautiful after a firing then slumping in our kiln….a few bits of dichroic glass added at the end will make this gorgeous!

……….a pork roast in the oven needs checking on, so I will post the finished pieces tomorrow!!

‘Wipe-Out on Burleigh’ ………… Fused Glass Art by Jenny Kirwan

Well, this fusing glass art is a learning curve for beginner me, but the more work I do, the more I will discover what works and what doesn’t.  This is OK but not the texture I wanted to achieve at all…..I wanted the boards to be jumping out of the ocean with some 3D texture……so the temperature has to be lowered to do this, but still on a tack fuse……I will know next time!  I think it will frame up pretty much OK though.

wipe out finito 002 - Copy


“Still Water” fused glass art by Jenny Kirwan

still water glass 031 - Copy
“Still Water”

This morning I began a new piece of glass artwork ready to be fired in the kiln this afternoon.  Sea and beach themes I adore, so here is the artwork before it has been put into the kiln.  It depicts a yacht on calm waters with surf boards in the sand, ready for conditions to rough up a little!  I will post the finished artwork when it comes out of the kiln tomorrow…….I would love to be lying on that beach!

still water glass 034 - Copy
placed in the rather lonely kiln, ready to be fired…….

Another beautiful piece of glass art………

DSCN2029 (1600x1200)
Ready for the first firing in the kiln…..
DSCN2030 (1600x1200)
Out of the kiln and ready, sitting on the slumping plate for the final firing……how exciting!!!
DSCN2038 (1600x1200)
I love this plate….my favourite piece so far….I would love a set of eight please for dessert plates!
DSCN2040 (1600x1200)
Steve’s beautiful plate……would look good with home made chocolates, Easter eggs, wedges of white and dark chocolate brownies, liquorice allsorts………….berries and ice cream…..?
DSCN2041 (1600x1200)
The occasional hint of dichroic glass adds a special shimmer to the design…
DSCN2043 (1600x1200)
Seven more please!!!!!!

Fused Glass Art……..Yacht Race on Port Phillip Bay

port phillip 002 - Copy

port phillip 003 - Copy

This is my latest piece of fused glass art which depicts a rather frantic yacht race on Port Phillip Bay.  It has just gone into the kiln to fire overnight for 14 hours….how exciting as the outcome is uncertain, but keep watching as I will show you the finished piece tomorrow!

port phillip 001 - Copy

Fused Glass Art……………

I have discovered something magnificent that I hope will become part of my future.  It’s called fused glass art and I absolutely love it!  The colours are so vibrant and alive…… Here are my very first attempts at fused glass art.  I have included pictures of before the glass was put into the kiln and another pictures of the finished result.  Not too bad for a first timer……my future looks very bright!  I do hope so!

fused glass art course 055 - Copy
Ready and waiting to be put into the kiln for nine hours……..
My finished ‘Mermaid beach Fish!’

fused glass art course 054 - Copy

finished ‘Seaside Fauna’
fused glass art course 034 - Copy
‘Melbury Hill’ our Dorset backyard waiting to be put into the kiln.


fused glass art course 030
‘Celsil Beach’ in Dorset, looking to the west
‘Chesil Beach’ finito!
fused glass art course 039 - Copy
The kiln is ready and waiting……..
fused glass art course 058 - Copy
Rebecca carefully places my four artworks into the kiln to be fired for nine hours!!

Well, Rebecca Ross was the best teacher and I enjoyed every minute of the day I spent with her.  She made me three cups of the best espresso coffee and a lovely lunch outside in the sunshine on her gorgeous decking area.  Her work is beautiful and I just hope my work will eventually be beautiful too……