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‘Coffee break on Burleigh Beach’…..Fused Glass Art by Jenny Kirwan

steve's soap dishes 004 - Copy

I made this piece of glass art today, (‘Coffee break on Burleigh Beach’ Fused Glass Art by Jenny Kirwan) and have just put it in the kiln to fire overnight with my other piece ‘Waiting for a wave on Burleigh Beach’  I will post the finishing designs tomorrow…..I can’t wait to sleep and wake up to see what the results will be………..

‘Wipe-Out on Burleigh’ ………… Fused Glass Art by Jenny Kirwan

Well, this fusing glass art is a learning curve for beginner me, but the more work I do, the more I will discover what works and what doesn’t.  This is OK but not the texture I wanted to achieve at all…..I wanted the boards to be jumping out of the ocean with some 3D texture……so the temperature has to be lowered to do this, but still on a tack fuse……I will know next time!  I think it will frame up pretty much OK though.

wipe out finito 002 - Copy


‘Wipe-Out on Burleigh’ Fused Glass Art by Jenny Kirwan

wipe out 006 - Copy

Yes, I’ve been at it again….making glass art and this is what my latest work is….a frenzy of surf boards and surfers been thrown around and wiped out by a deluge of waves.  This is how I would imagine it to look like in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast in Queensland…….I love this place!  I have now placed it in the kiln for the second firing and it’s been set on a tack fuse which will give it a little more texture to the finish.  I will wake up in the morning to see the result!  Early riser Steve I am certain will have it out and ready for my inspection!  Hope he remembers my ‘hot’ cup of tea first!  I love this one……

“Still Water” fused glass art by Jenny Kirwan

still water glass 031 - Copy
“Still Water”

This morning I began a new piece of glass artwork ready to be fired in the kiln this afternoon.  Sea and beach themes I adore, so here is the artwork before it has been put into the kiln.  It depicts a yacht on calm waters with surf boards in the sand, ready for conditions to rough up a little!  I will post the finished artwork when it comes out of the kiln tomorrow…….I would love to be lying on that beach!

still water glass 034 - Copy
placed in the rather lonely kiln, ready to be fired…….