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National Trust walking around Spread Eagle Hill, Compton Abbas Airfield and Compton Down in Dorset…….

We had a lovely Sunday morning lie in and Steve made café lattes….magnificent!…….and the sun was shining!……….so, we just had to do a walk around this beautiful countryside we are surrounded by here in Dorset.  When the sun shines in late Spring/entering Summer in this country, it’s just magic,warm and beautiful.  So off we went, walking over National Trust landscapes…it was head clearing material!

national trust walk 004 - Copy national trust walk 008 - Copy national trust walk 010 - Copy national trust walk 011 - Copy national trust walk 014 - Copy national trust walk 018 - Copy national trust walk 020 - Copy national trust walk 026 - Copy national trust walk 049 - Copy national trust walk 055 - Copy national trust walk 056 - Copy national trust walk 059 - Copy

weekend walking….Bulbarrow Hill and Compton Abbas to Shaftesbury……..what gorgeous weather for walking!

What weather we have had this weekend!  Stunning…..so we planned to walk both days in magnificent sunshine…….thank you Dad!

shaftesbury walk 009 - Copy
Steve at the top of Melbury Hill, on the way to Shaftesbury

  Compton Abbas to Shaftesbury we walked on Saturday………………………

shaftesbury walk 019 - Copy
Cann Mill on the way to Shaftesbury
shaftesbury walk 029 - Copy
Perfect weather for a walk in the countryside in Dorset
shaftesbury walk 047 - Copy
The view from the decking of the Mitre Inn in Shaftesbury is wonderful…….looking back from where we started……. up and over Melbury Hill
shaftesbury walk 044 - Copy
Steve enjoying the sunshine and a very decent real ale at The Mitre Inn, after our walk into Shaftesbury

Sunday was sensational weather for a long walk, so we drove over to Wooland and walked around Bulbarrow Hill….it was fantastic.

bulbarrow hiil walk 002 - Copy bulbarrow hiil walk 010 - Copy bulbarrow hiil walk 020 - Copy bulbarrow hiil walk 043 - Copy bulbarrow hiil walk 054 - Copy bulbarrow hiil walk 063 - Copy

What a difference a day makes……….

sunday walk 006

So, the storms have cleared and we woke to a light frost and bright sunny skies.  My cold is still lingering but I needed to get some fresh air today and be in a good frame of mind to start my working week.  After some of Steve’s gorgeous coffee and some bacon and the best eggs in the world (from around the corner in our village……they are like gold dust, but that’s another story!), I wrapped up and took to the hills around Melbury Hill and Fontmell Down. Gorgeous, just wonderful walking conditions and SO many walkers out, dogs and children, couples, enjoying the respite from the big wet!  it was great to see.  If only the sun would shine in this land more often!!

sunday walk 012
out of the village and the walk begins towards Melbury Hill
sunday walk 013
looking towards Compton Down to the right and what a beautiful sunny morning……
sunday walk 017
No smelly, filthy, stinking cows in sight!
sunday walk 021
The slopes were getting steeper……
sunday walk 023
Wonderful walking conditions after such miserable, wet and depressing weather over the past few weeks
sunday walk 033
Climbing Melbury Hill and looking back to the landscape beyond…….a daily walk I am always thankful for…..
sunday walk 039
My dear departed dad would love seeing the countryside through my eyes…..(dad, I hope you enjoyed this walk with me again today…..I feel your presence with me, especially when I touch the stone monument at the very top, I feel you are with me)
sunday walk 051
Melbury Hill…..brings my mojo back every time I climb her…….
sunday walk 058
looking down into Melbury Abbas with very satisfied, comfortable sheep enjoying the sunshine in the foreground

sunday walk 065

Looking back towards Spread Eagle Hill and Shaftesbury
sunday walk 068
how I love this place…….
sunday walk 070
Walking over Fontmell Down looking towards Melbury Hill and our village of Compton Abbas in the dip of the Hill…….I have walked a fair way….
sunday walk 072
Lower ground now and my village is coming closer
sunday walk 084
fallen trees from the storm will make great firewood for sure
sunday walk 073
homeward bound…..
sunday walk 077
About 1 1/2 hours later, and I feel so amazing to be out in the fresh, sunny air on my doorstep after such horrible, wet weather…….


Christmas 2013……………

winchester christmas 2013 016 - Copy
Jenny Kirwan (me) in Winchester, Christmas Eve, outside my most favourite pub in England, The Wykham Arms
winchester christmas 2013 022 - Copy
Steve and his brother Colin holding his little boy Edward, Christmas Eve in Winchester
winchester christmas 2013 030 - Copy
Winchester Cathedral…..great views from our hotel window!
winchester christmas 2013 048 - Copy
The beautiful church, St Andrews in Fontmell Magna, Dorset

winchester christmas 2013 052 - Copy
Finger food of goats cheese and rocket wrapped in prosciutto……back in Compton Abbas, Christmas Day
winchester christmas 2013 059 - Copy
Pheasant Wellington….pheasant breast filled with game pate and wrapped in Juniper berries, bacon and short crust pastry……a very different but quite beautiful Christmas lunch back at Compton Abbas in Dorset
christmas lunch 2013 004 - Copy
Pheasant Wellingtons, oven ready on Christmas Day
christmas lunch 2013 011 - Copy
Basil called in to say hello…….
christmas lunch 2013 016 - Copy
Pheasant Wellingtons, just out of the oven…….
christmas lunch 2013 018 - Copy
A red wine, game jus was all that was needed to accompany this plate for Christmas day lunch…….
compton abbas 2013 064
Basil had a long day………!


dec 2013 017 - Copy
Boxing Day….time to walk some of the unwanted calories off……..around Compton Abbas in Dorset
dec 2013 020 - Copy
Boxing Day…..looking down into Melbury Abbas on our chilly, sunny walk

Magical Christmas Tree…….

christmas tree 2013 006 - Copy

This year we have bought a 10 foot Christmas tree and it looks so amazing, standing tall in the barn at Compton Abbas in Dorset.  It is adorned with glass snow flakes/stars and the fairy lights and tinsel give it a silvery glow….we love it!

christmas tree 2013 015 - Copy
Let the decorating begin!…..Steve pictured here with our 10 foot Christmas Tree and some of his home made glass decorations.

christmas 2013 tree 021 - Copy

Steve’s beautiful fused glass star adorns the top of our Christmas Tree.
christmas tree dorset 2013 028 - Copy
Basil the Labrador loves our tree too!!…..too much as he started eating the branches!!
christmas tree compton abbas 006 - Copy
Steve’s glass snow flakes cover the entire tree……


Compton Abbas, Fontmell Down, Dorset

My dear dad would be so very happy for me that I am now living in such a beautiful part of the world, Compton Abbas in Dorset.  Dad, I feel your presence at the Air Field, every time I see a light plane take off.  You would love this place, just as I do.  Your body may have passed away, but your spirit will live forever.  I love and miss you so very much.

Dad holding dear baby Harry…..he was a proud Grandfather of all his beautiful grandchildren
walk to fontwell magna 055 - Copy
Fontmell Down, Dorset……we are so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world
walk to fontwell magna 049 - Copy
Steve taking a welcome break for the photographer, Fontmell Down Dorset
compton air field 029 - Copy
A world war two plane preparing to leave Compton Abbas Air Field by two gorgeous brothers.