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Isle of Purbeck….Worth Matravers, St Aldhelm’s Head, Seacombe Cliff, Dancing Ledge to Blackers Hole and return, 13 miles on the South West Coast Path in Dorset……Magnificent!

The weather forecast for this weekend in the south of England was sensational, so we planned a long walk today along the coast to lap up the sun and the sea air.  It was sensational.  We started just after 8am and walked a total of 4 hours, around 13 miles and I loved it.  We finished with a pint and a home made pasty (disappointing!) at the Square and Compass Pub in Worth Matravers…but the Stowford Press Cider was exceptional!!  The highlight on this walk for me was passing the wonderful little chapel of St. Aldhelm’s at St. Aldhelm’s Head….an amazing tranquil space in the middle of quite a lonely part of the coastline.

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