Jester loves the snow!


My husband Steve and I are geared  up today to venture out again in freezing temperatures to walk the dogs from the big house.  Just Jester today though.  Indi has gone shooting down in the West Country with his master.

We have some dogie treats for Jester today, and he behaves very well.  Always running ahead of us stopping to let us catch up a bit.  He absolutely loves the snow …….. and being outside in the cold.

When we finally get back home, he looks up at Steve and says, “Thanks for being so kind to me, I loved the walk.  Any treats left?”

“Good boy Jester,” says Steve.  ” You have been very good today.  See you tomorrow (with a loving pat on his head)”

Okay, no more treats by the looks of things Jester concludes….See you too Steve….

I take Jester back into the big house and pour him some fresh water in his bowl which he demolishes within a minute.  He decides to settle down into Indi’s bed (it’s much bigger and cosier) and he gets away with it today! as Indi isn’t back until late tomorrrow.  I put another couple of logs on the fire in the large kitchen/breakfast room and say goodbye with a rub on his tummy and a kiss from afar.

“Thanks Jenny, you’re pretty great to me,” I think he whispered!

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