It’s Australia Day! Meat pies and tomato sauce… little beauty!

Yesterday (Sunday) 26th January was Australia Day and for an Aussie living in England, there was no way that I wasn’t going to have a drink (or two) today to celebrate my wonderful homeland.  We had a huge party on the Saturday night in Maidenhead….. and after a fantastic breakfast at the hotel the next morning, my massive hangover was beginning to ease up a little.  After a bit of a rest, we were off again for drinks (nothing like the hair of the dog!) at our local pub to toast all Australians around the world.  We came back to the barn and I finished off making our home made Aussie Meat Pies which we served with a good dollop of tomato sauce and peas……..just needed a footy match and we would have felt right at home! but hearing the Australian Cricket team beat England in the one dayer was good enough for me.  Poor England…….

australia day 2014 011 - Copy
My pretty authentic Aussie Meat Pies waiting for their lids!
australia day 2014 012 - Copy
Skippy…..Skippy….Skippy the bush kangaroo…..
australia day 2014 017 - Copy
finished Aussie meat pie….
australia day 2014 021 - Copy
Excellent…….what a great way to celebrate Australia Day with a good old meat pie and sauce! We loved it…… have to be hungry to eat this pie!

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