Chinoock helicopter

Well, it’s Friday and our last walk with the dogs until next Monday.  Jester has been whining in the dog’s room for over fifteen minutes, driving Indi mad.  “For god’s sake Jester, give it a rest will you…’re driving me nuts with that awful noise coming from your mouth!  You know we will be collected soon for our walk.  Why can’t you follow my example and wait with a little more decorum?” Indi said.   Before Jester could respond, I was already entering their room and Indi stood up in his bed excitedly, dancing with his two front feet around in little circles.  ” Who’s waiting with decorum now then you crancky old dog?” Jester said.  “Your too old to give advice anymore, you’re past it Indi……” he concluded as he leaped out the door.

“Jester, wait!” I shouted after him.  “I’m supposed to teach you to wait at the door and leave after I step out.” I said.  “Big deal, too late now, I’m out anyway and Steve’s got a pocket full of treats to feed me.  That’s more important than that sit, wait, sit, wait, silly lesson of yours.” Jester said without a care in the world.  “Don’t waste your time on that poorly trained animal Jenny.” said Indi. “He needs to go back to school….a boarding school would fit the bill.  A period of SIX months would be very nice.” he said dreaming about the peace and quiet he would have.  “Come on Indi,” I said in exasperation.  “We will have a lovely walk today, I can feel it.”

Jester was playing the “heal and treat” game very well again with Steve today and although conditions were milder than usual, the air I thought was still invigorating.  As we approached a big open field near the horse racing track, I heard a thundering sound in the distance.  “What is that noise?”I said to Steve.  Before he had time to answer, a huge massive army helicopter appeared in the distance flying very low, just above the tree tops.” 

 I’m a huge army aircraft fanatic and this was an awesome sight for me!  “Wow, look at that!” I said to the dogs.   Indi didn’t know what all the fuss was about as in his long life as a Labrador gun dog he had seen many aircraft, including this type of Chinoock Helicopter.  This was no big deal in his opinion.  Jester was looking up in the air along with keeping a keen eye on Steve’s pocket and really had no interest in the funny shaped greyish thing that was in the sky.  By this stage the Chinoock was flying closer and quite incredibly low, it was breathtaking.  Steve and I started waving at the Chinoock and it instantly changed it’s path to fly almost directly over us.  It was the most fantastic experience.  The dogs just stood there looking at us with bewilderment.  “Gee Jester, wonder what Jenny put in her soup at lunchtime today.  They are both behaving somewhat childlike, don’t you think?”  Jester wasn’t listening to a word Indi said.  He was too busy digging another hole in hope of finding another dead animal.

What a wonderful exciting addition to our walk today and as we made our way back to the cottage, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.   “Doesn’t take much to make Jenny happy.”  Indi said to Steve as they approached the orchard.   ” On a good day!” Steve replied. 

Back safe and sound in the dogs room and Jester remembered to say thank you.  Indi just bowed his head again like some upperclass gentleman as to say, “Very nice thank you Jenny.  See you next week.”   I closed the door on another eventful week walking the two dogs and felt pleased they had been exercised well.

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  1. Hi Jenny I can see I will have to read every day as part of my routine. I guess you don’t usually have much going on where you are. I could feel your excitement.
    Love Gina

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