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Happy Anniversary to us!


Well 17 years today Steve and I tied the knot in England!……and 26 years together!  What an amazing journey we have had…..


Out tonight to lovely Valentinos in Broadbeach.  Can’t wait! Oysters and Oyster Bay sav blanc….magnifico! I love being back in my homeland and living on the coast of Queensland is a dream for beach lover me. Happy Anniversary Steve…love you forever. X

Lucky Buddha Thai Restaurant Mermaid Beach…….beautiful……

Another beautiful meal and a night of happiness at my favourite restaurant here on the Gold Coast, Lucky Buddha Thai in Mermaid Beach….divine!

Thai yummyness!!! 011
Thai Green Curry with Beef……Hot!!


Thai yummyness!!! 004
Pad Si Eew….flat rice noodles stir fried with pork, veg and egg….melt in the mouth yumminess!

Thai yummyness!!! 012

Thai yummyness!!! 002
Our Sunday night treat…..happiness!
Thai yummyness!!! 003
Steve looking pretty relaxed!


Ok, ok, I know everyone knows my love for Thai food….so off to Lucky Buddha Thai in Mermaid Beach again tonight for a lay back Sunday eve of happiness!!!

lucky Budha 004 lucky Budha 010Yep, it’s been a great weekend, walking, swimming, sunbathing and watching cricket at the Surf Club and tonight we’re off to a little gem of a place we found a couple of weeks ago, Lucky Buddha Thai restaurant in Mermaid Beach.  Even if we find a house in Burleigh Heads, we’ll come back here every week as the food is exceptional…to die for material…… fresh, authentic reasonably priced Thai dishes and service is with a smile in an airy, spacious, light and contemporary atmosphere.  It does get quite warm in here though, so dress cool!!!!!

lucky Budha 001


….All in good time………..

It’s taking me a while to mentally get to grips with being back in my homeland of Australia, but I’m in the best possible place to get my mind back in order…..I love the Queensland coast, even though Tropical Cyclone Marcia is taking the fun away!  Thank you Steve for helping me on the path to getting well again….I can’t imagine life without you. X

another gold coast morning 008
My ‘rock’ of a husband Steve, helping me get well again……


Where are the best ever prawns in the world? Australia of course!!

Boy I have missed these gorgeous little beauties….fresh and full of flovour, off the shores of Australia…..the best in the world in my opinion.  Prawns in England aren’t a patch on what we have from our coastlines and in the US….well, mostly farmed but even the prawns (they call them shrimp!) caught from the gulf still don’t live up to our Aussie beauties.  We live in the best country in the world (OK, yes, I am pleased to be home again lol!)   Yippee!!

Valentines's Day 004

Valentine’s Day at ‘Lucky Buddha’ Thai Restaurant, Mermaid Beach….

What a relief to get far away from the food we consumed in the US….now finally back in Oz where the food is clean and pretty much free of pesticides and genetically modified processes……and everything has sugar added to the food in the US (but that’s another story!)  So Valentine’s Day and we went to a great little Thai place down the road….and we loved it!  Food cooked fresh to order….. gorgeous, authentic Thai and so reasonably priced…….and the service was fantastic…..just what the doctor ordered!!

Valentines's Day 012
this was a very relaxing place….a light, clean and airy dining space


Valentines's Day 030


Valentines's Day 021
We shared the Thai green Curry with beef….gorgeous!
Valentines's Day 022
We also shared the Pad Thai with melt in your mouth pork….

Valentines's Day 014

Valentines's Day 009 Valentines's Day 017

Thank you Dad, I knew you were watching over us………

My sister Jane told me yesterday of the spine-tingling encounter that she had with my Dad’s spirit a few days ago….quite unbelievable but real.  I knew dad was watching over us as I have felt his spiritual presence many times and often felt he was talking to me silently (no I haven’t totally lost my mind yet!).  This incredible incident Jane experienced reassures what I thought all along… is still with us in spirit and this great amazing man said he is not alowing him self to pass on to a higher plane until his work is done, helping and guiding his family…….OMG!

OMG!…. Relaxed at last……………thank God!!!!!

Well, we are in paradise again around active, fit and the most amazing chilled, positive, friendly people on this planet……(Australians mate!)  How I love OZ and the beautiful coastline…….makes the USA in most areas look like an even bigger nightmare than they are and will degenerate to be………..thanks Dad for watching over me on my nightmare that is coming to an end!  Onwards and upwards as mum would say…….

Beach 005 - Copy
Steve on Mermaid Beach today….windy but warm
Beach 008 - Copy
About bloody time!!!!!!
Beach 009 - Copy
My back yard (at the moment!!!)
Beach 010 - Copy
I adore the Surf Clubs in Oz……the best place to meet people and watch all those awe inspiring kids learning and loving exercise


WOW! arrived in Oz this morning and have just had a lovely few wines and met some friends in the surf club this arvo in beautiful QLD… I love and have missed Australia so much!! (haven’t slept a wink since I left Florida a day or two ago) but feeling on top of the world!! Thank you Steve for keeping an eye on my cabin fever!!!! Thanks Dad too for watching over your ‘darling girl’ XX

Back in Oz 028